Frequently Asked Questions

Why use SMS?

Small businesses can benefit from SMS in many ways. As a communications tool, SMS is affordable and effective and can help you reach your customers while they’re on the move. SMS can also be used for notifications and alerts, appointments and reminders, customer support and feedback and loyalty and rewards.

Mobile phone use is entrenched in every day life for many Australians, so business to consumer mobile communication is here to stay for the foreseeable future.   

Can I send bulk SMS?

Yes, the Live sms platform is built to help you send a large number of SMS messages to multiple contacts within seconds. You can upload contacts from outside the platform using a .CSV or .XLS file. Once uploaded, you can send bulk SMS to designated contact groups created within the platform. Our team are on hand to provide any additional support if necessary.

What makes Live sms different?

Live sms is the first SMS communication platform specifically for Australian SMEs. Partnering with Vidcorp, an Australian based SMS solutions provider, our platform is tailored towards the needs of small business owners and is designed to help your business leverage the power of SMS to engage with both existing and prospective customers.

Our partnership with Qantas Business Rewards helps our customers turn their business communication expenses into Qantas Points!

Where is the Live sms platform located?

The Live sms platform is hosted entirely in Australia. Personal information relating to users and customers is stored in both the Amazon data centre in Sydney, Australia and Interactive data centre based in Sydney, Australia.

What kind of businesses use Live sms?

Live sms is built to be an SMS communication platform specifically for Australian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Live sms can be used by businesses in most industries including hospitality, online retailers, hair and beauty as well as tradesmen. If your business is looking to engage either existing or potential customers on their mobile phone, then Live sms is an ideal solution.

How much does it cost to use Live sms?

Live sms has two pricing tiers depending on how many SMS messages you intend to send each month. Our pricing plan ensures you know what you’re going to pay for every SMS sent.

All new customers can immediately take advantage of the ‘Small sender’ plan costing 7.27 cents per SMS with the opportunity to earn 1 Qantas Point for every SMS sent.

If your business is likely to send 50,000+ SMS per month, simply contact us at to discuss your pricing options.

Do I have to sign a contract with Live sms?

Live sms has no lock-in contracts or set up fee as well as offering a pay as you go option.

Our automatic top-up option allows you to add SMS credits to your account whenever your balance dips below a certain amount. You can customise the auto top-up amount in the Auto top-up page within the Live sms portal settings.

Will my SMS credits expire?

No, your Live sms credits will never expire and you can use them for as long as the Live sms platform is live and available for use.

Where can I find the Live sms terms of service?

The Live sms terms of service can be found here.

Where can I find the Live sms privacy policy?

The Live sms privacy policy can be found here.

Do I need to provide a mobile phone number and email address to use the Live sms platform?

When registering to use the Live sms platform you will need to provide an email address and Australian mobile phone number for registration purposes. We use this information for security purposes, to check you’re a real person and ensure only you can access your Live sms account. No one else will be able to see your mobile number, email address or username.

Your email address also lets you reset your password if you forget it. It also helps us get in touch with you if we need to tell you about something new, like a chance to our terms of service.

How do I register for Live sms?

Registering for Live sms is easy, simply fill out the form on the Registration page. If you are a Live eftpos customer with a MyWeb account, you can use these details to login without having to register for Live sms.