Live sms Features


Earn Qantas Points

Qantas Business Rewards offers rewards and savings for Australia-based SMEs with an ABN. Live sms offers your business the opportunity to earn Qantas Points on every SMS sent – an Australian first!

SMS templates

Remove the hassle of writing new SMS messages for every campaign and save previous messages as SMS templates. Every time you send an SMS you have the option to save it as a template which can be used again later.

SMS personalisation

Provide your customers with a better experience by personalising your SMS messages with custom fields such as first name and business name. Personalisation increase the chance of your customers reading the SMS and shows you’ve tried to get to know them.

Contact groups

Make the process of sending bulk SMS messages easier by organising your customers into contact groups. Set up multiple groups and filter contacts by segments such as customers, prospects, staff or suppliers etc.

Custom sender ID

Have your company name appear when sending an SMS using Sender ID. Build brand recognition and trust with your contacts whilst ensuring your SMS message doesn’t appear to be a spam message by coming from a random number.

Real time reports and analytics

Live SMS offers in-built analytics to track the performance of your SMS marketing campaigns. Reports include campaign statistics, SMS delivery reports and individual contact reports.

Unique links

Send your customers personalised SMS messages using predefined fields such as [first name] or [business name] without having to manually enter field information.


Bring your SMS messages to life with emojis and help customers visualise your product or service offering.

Message scheduling

Delay the delivery of an individual or batch of SMS messages so that your contacts receive it at a later point in time.

CSV uploads

Upload existing customer contact details to add to your SMS campaigns using import CSV.

Opt-out links

Give your customers the opportunity to stop receiving SMS messages and reduce costs on unwanted sends.

Live support

Solve problems using our helpful guides and answers to frequently asked questions.