There’s an old saying; timing is everything.

And this couldn’t be truer for SMS marketing where there is a lot more to consider than simply sending an SMS and hoping for the best.

Every campaign you send with Live sms will benefit from a solid strategy and he backbone of your strategy should be determining the optimal time to send your SMS campaigns.

Determining the right time of day to send your SMS will be central to your success and lead to both increased open-rates and customer engagement with your message.

Know what works for your industry

Research has shown that generally the best times to send are mid-morning (10.30-11.30am) and mid-afternoon (2.30-3.30pm).

While these times can be used as a general rule of thumb, optimal send time will vary depending on your industry. it’s a good idea to look at your previous sends and analyse the times that have performed the best. Over time you will be able to get a good idea of certain times that work well for your business.

Promotions and offers

To make the most of your marketing promotion or offer it’s a great idea, to let your customers know about the offer in advance. A two to three-day heads up is a good idea.

For instance, if you are doing a 2-4-1 coffee promotion over the weekend, let your customers know on Thursday or Friday before they make plans to go elsewhere.

It also gives your customers time to spread the word about the promotion.

Appointments and reminders

For appointment reminders there are two suggested times to send an SMS:

  • Immediately after the appointment has been confirmed: so your client has the time and date saved in their phone.
  • 24 hours before the appointment: ensure your client has all the necessary information and enough time to ensure they can make the appointment or make changes if necessary.

Consider different time zones

Finally, if your business has customers in different parts of Australia, it’s vital that you consider their time zone and when they will be receiving the SMS. 10.30am in New South Wales is 7.30am in Western Australia. If your SMS wakes them up it may not be a welcomed message!