Most small business owners will understand the benefits of effective marketing.

To be successful you need to attract and retain loyal customers and marketing is the main way to inform your customers why your product or service is better and different from your competitors.

However, many Australian small businesses owners believe marketing is costly and requires and large advertising campaigns or a full-time marketing resource to be effective.

This doesn’t need to be the case.

The cost-effective marketing solution

For smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets, SMS marketing is one of the most cost-efficient solutions. It is quick, easy and requires limited resources.

Individual SMS messages can be sent for as little as 8c per message, and both CPS (cost-per-send) and CPC (cost-per-click) are lower than other marketing platforms. Email marketing can be slightly cheaper depending on the platform you are using; however SMS messages have an open rate of 98% (compared to 20% for email or 12% of Facebook posts). This means you can be sure that your customers are reading the message you have sent them.

With SMS marketing you can get your message in front of as many potential and existing customers for as little investment as possible.

SMS has multiple business uses

SMS marketing can be used for in different ways including:

  • upcoming date reminders
  • promotion notifications
  • informing customers of special offers
  • sharing a link to a page on your website.

Each tactic will help gain your customers attention, drive action and ultimately increase customer loyalty.

It can help your businesses bottom line

Best of all, SMS marketing is proven to help your business increase sales and improve your bottom line.

SMS marketing drives customers to take an immediate action. In the US, approximately 50% of consumers make direct purchases after receiving brand messages/QR code/discount coupon via SMS.*

It is important to remember that effective use of SMS marketing is about sending the right amount of texts to your customers each week. This will depend on:

    • the length of the consideration process to purchase your good or service
    • whether you have an offer or promotion that is worthy of the recipient’s attention.

* How SMS Marketing Can Boost Sales For Retail Franchises